Honey Hills (‘Then’ ‘Mala’)

#Savingthebees is a very important social hashtag and provides a good job for the Bee Keepers.

About ⅓ of our food supply relies on bee pollination

One of the biggest problems for bee health is the absence of habitat. Bees needs a green environment. Planting wildflowers are great for bee health because they are rich in nectar.

Another tip would be to have a variety of flowers and make sure that there are flowers blooming year-round. Plant flowers in groups, because bees like to focus on one flower type at a time.

One of the best ways to save bees is to actually provide them an eco-friendly environment for them to live. You can help improve the health of your local ecosystem by starting a beehive. Another benefit would be the raw honey production and beeswax.

Thenmala is the first planned Eco tourism destination in India. Thenmala is actually a ‘Honey Hill’. In local dialect ‘Then’ means ‘Honey’ and ‘mala’ means ‘hill lock’. Honey collected from this region is of high quality and very much in demand. Thenmala provides equal opportunities for leisure, fun and adventure and showcase the importance of preserving the nature for the future generation.

Dravidamala ensures our customers Farm Fresh Honey and Beeswax products from Harvest directly from local beekeepers from Thenmala.

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